Yoo Seung Ho to act with familiar co-star Park Eun Bin in ‘Operation Proposal’

A love interest has been cast for Yoo Seung Ho for his new drama Operation Proposal, and it’s a familiar co-star: Park Eun Bin, with whom he has acted multiple times in past projects. This is the time-traveling fantasy-romance drama adapted from Japan’s Proposal Daisakusen that’s set to air on cable channel TV Chosun in the new year.

Aw, that’s so cute: Some articles are calling it a reunion of “first loves,” since Park Eun-bin played Yoo Seung-ho’s very first love interest in 2007′s Legend, back when both actors were in their early teens (that drama filmed over two years so I believe they were barely adolescents when shooting it). He was the young King Dam-deok, while she played childhood sweetheart Kiha. They acted again in another sageuk project with 2010′s Queen Seon-deok, and followed that up in a music video for The One’s “Like a Star” with Taeyeon.


Operation Proposal starts out with our hero as an adult realizing that he’s in love with his friend just as she’s about to marry. Through a stroke of luck/fate/maaaagic, he gets sent back in time, and this time he’s determined to protect his first love.

Park plays that first love, whom the hero has cared for since their childhood days. They’re best buddies all the way from elementary school through university, and it looks like a case of missed timing for them, since she likes him but is unable to confess her feelings. In the end, she meets someone else and marries him instead.

Cute! It sounds like it’s got the potential to be comic fun but also potentially wring your heart at moments. And these are two child stars who have grown up so well, and into such solid actors. And to think, they’re both still teenagers — he’s 18, she’s 19.

Operation Proposal plans to premiere in February.


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Idols who will officially become legal adults in 2012

There are a lot of idols that will officially be legal adults in the quickly approaching new year, and fans already have high expectations as to how they will begin to broaden their spectrums as adults.

Fans are most excited for the nation’s sweetheart IU to become legal. IU has put her plans for college on hold, and revealed on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ that she will attend when the timing is right. She is currently promoting her new song “You & I“.

IU’s best friends f(x) member Luna and T-ara‘s Jiyeon are also getting ready to graduate high school, and SISTAR‘s Dasom will also become legal in 2012. Members Eunji and Bomi of rookie girl group A Pink are also looking forward to becoming adults in the new year.

Actors Lee Hyun Woo and Yoo Seung Ho who have made their debut as child actors are also getting ready to become mature men. Yoo Seung Ho who has already taken up a few adult roles and will continue to delight his fans by showing various sides of himself through his acting. Lee Hyun Woo who has featured in KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of Study‘ and SBS TV‘s ‘Gyebaek‘ will also continue to broaden his horizons as an actor.

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SOURCE: ALLKPOP// http://www.allkpop.com/2011/12/idols-who-will-officially-become-legal-adults-in-2012

Yoo Seung Ho Cast in New Drama “Operation Love”

Yoo Seung Ho Cast in New Drama “Operation Love”

Yoo Seung Ho has been cast in the upcoming drama, “Operation Love.” which will be a Korean adaptation of the 2007 drama that first aired on Japan’s Fuji TV. Starring top Japanese idol star, Yamashita Tomohisa, “Operation Love” was one of the most popular a romantic comedies back then.

Yoo Seung Ho will get to play the male lead Tomohisa played in the original TV series. He’s been taking a break since the end of SBS drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” but will start filming once other casts are confirmed.

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Yoo Seung Ho Decides to Forego College for Acting Career

Yoo Seung Ho Decides to Forego College for Acting Career

Yoo Seung Ho has decided to forego college for his acting career, despite receiving multiple special admissions offers from some of the top colleges in Korea, it was reported today by local media.

“It is true that Yoo Seung Ho received several special admissions offers from schools in Korea, but he respectfully declined all of them. So rumors about his special treatment are not true,” a representative from his agency said.

The official continued, “Currently, Yoo Seung Ho is extremely busy with his acting career. Even if he gets into college, he won’t be able to follow the school material and would only have a detrimental effect on other students. Yoo Seung Ho has made acting his biggest goal.”

“College is something Yoo Seung Ho will ponder over once he gets older and finds more time. When he has something he wants to learn more about, then he will start applying to colleges. We thought instead of Yoo Seung Ho, it would be bette off having other students get into college. This decision was made upon serious discussion with Yoo Seung Ho and his parents,” he said.

Since Yoo Seung Ho declared his intention to forego college this year, he will not take the Korean college admission test either. His agency said the decision to skip the nationwide college admission test was made when he was a junior in high school, and that he’s very satisfied with the decision.

The special college admissions for top celebrities have been a hot topic in Korea as many popular celebrities took advantage of their fame to earn special treatment from certain colleges. Due to the super competitive nature of Korea’s education system, many fans have been upset with the special, and easier, admission process for some of these celebrities.

Yoo Seung Ho has earned the respect of many fans for his impressive acting on recent film “Blind” and SBS drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.” His decision to forego college in order to give others better opportunities and reject any special treatment are expected to only increase his fan base and admiration for his personality.

SOURCE: http://www.soompi.com/news/yoo-seung-ho-decides-to-forego-college-for-acting-career

Yoo Seung Ho reveals his exact ideal type

Actor Yoo Seung Ho got very specific when describing his ideal type.

On July 24th, Yoo Seung Ho guested on MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘, where he promoted the bestselling-book-turned-animated-movie, ‘The Hen who Left the Yard‘, for which he plays the voice of ‘Chorok‘, the rebel duck.

Since he was known as ‘Korea’s little brother’ and is now a full-grown man, Yoo Seung Ho answered the question about his ideal type without any hesitation.

He revealed, “I like girls who are about 163cm (5′4″), has a short bob hairstyle, and looks good in just jeans and a white t-shirt” – surprising everyone around him with his honesty.

Yoo Seung Ho even added, “I don’t really like long, straight hair…” making viewers more curious about his ideal type. In particular, Yoo Seung Ho caught the attention of viewers by being able to innocently describe his ideal type with a bright smile on his face.

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2010 in review for the God of Study Site

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 150,000 times in 2010. If it were an exhibit at The Louvre Museum, it would take 6 days for that many people to see it.


In 2010, there were 123 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 125 posts. There were 512 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 57mb. That’s about 1 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was March 2nd with 1,304 views. The most popular post that day was Behind-the-Scenes Photos.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were en.wordpress.com, twitter.com, godofstudy.tumblr.com, facebook.com, and tweetmeme.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for yoo seung ho, god of study, lee hyun woo, lee hyun woo god of study, and go ah sung.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Behind-the-Scenes Photos February 2010


Hong Chan Doo February 2010


KPOP Stars who are REAL “Gods of Study” Revealed! February 2010


Hwang Baek Hyun February 2010


STYLE January 2010

Screencaps and Behind-the-Scenes pictures of Yoo Seung Ho on ‘Flames of Ambition’

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