Want to be part of the new God of Study WordPress Fansite staff?

Just post a comment with your email, your favorite drama or show (doesn’t have to be Korean or Japanese or whatever), who your favorite idol stars are (if any),  and how much free time you have starting Jan 4 ^^ Thanks! 🙂

Other announcements:

Hi there, K here. Made this WordPress site in preparation for the new Korean Drama “God of Study” which airs on Jan. 4, 2010.

Hope this drama is a success! I’m not very familiar with most of the cast except for a couple of them but I’m interested in it because it’s a school drama.

I’m thinking of making this site sort of homework or class related to keep things fun. ^^ Please give me suggestions on what else I can do to make this site better.

I have yet to post/repost articles that came out recently about the cast and stuff but I’ll probably post the Drama summary and background and stuff avout the cast before the first episode.

I don’t speak Korean btw so I can’t really help with subs. But I’ll post links to subbed videos when they come out.

God of Study Fighting!

–K 12.21.09 (Monday)


Staff members will use “pennames” okay? XD It’s kind of weird for me when I put my real name in a fansite. It looks out of place and it bugs me.