Finally fixed the “Drama” page! Updated with Synopsis, Cast, and the Official Posters.

Working on individual pages for each of the 5 students so watch out for that.

The “Style” page is next up after I finish the character pages. Probably just something fun and to help me train my “fashion skillz”.

I’m also going to post the pics from some of the cast members’ recent appearances/from the Drama Press Conference. Better late than never?

Something’s wrong with the GOS Viikii Channel right now I think but according to some comments, new videos should be posted by Wednesday or Thursday.

If you guys have any links/pics that you want me to put here, feel free to comment ^^

Also gonna make some banners that you can use to advertise the site.

We hit 199 views yesterday and I’m hoping sooner or later we can hit more.

Thanks for reading.


Can’t wait to watch Episode 3~