T-ara member Jiyeon posed for some pictures with her God of Study cast members and they’re getting quite some attention from fans.

On the 18th of January, Jiyeon posted selcas with Bae Doona, Yoo Seungho, Lee Hyunwoo, and Lee Chanho on her minihompy.

During filming the GOS bunch posed for a picture in which they laid down on the floor as dead people surrounding Yoo Seungho.

Taken from heartfacee‘s artcile on Allkpop: The funny thing is, they’re all playing dead yet Yoo Seung Ho is making a peace sign with a smile. Netizens commented, “God of Study’s 5 students seem so close,” “They’re even acting hard by playing dead,” and “They’re so quirky and cute.”


First image and quote source: allkpop.com – God of Study cast plays dead
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Source: http://www.consumernews.co.kr/news/view.ht…e=ent&page=
Original Article translated by: Elly@diadem