Go Ah Sung, one of the actresses in the recent popular drama, God of Study,  is dressed up like a masculine-female in the February issue of Elle Girl’s photo shoot.

Looks like this kind of masculine-female concept is really popular these days- check out Park Shin Hye’s photo shoot in Nylon Korea!

Loving the neutral whites, beiges, greys and blacks used in the outfits of these pictures.

source: Lynette/Kokoreano.com & Newsen

I think Ah Sung is really pretty in these pictures. I especially like how the color-scheme is pretty monochromatic. Always been a fan of white, grey and black. And I actually really like the outfits. It’s my kind of style.

What do you guys think of her outfits/the photoshoot?

Love it? Hate it? Too boring?

(Lynette posted these pictures on the 18th, but I only saw the post now XD )