Contains spoilers for GOS Episode 6

Yoo Seung-ho plays Ryu, the charismatic master wearing a classic Judo outfit.

Go Ah-sung, playing the cute Chun Lee, has a match with villain Lee Ye-ji, who changes into Sailor Moon.

In the drama “Master of Study,” Yoo Seung-ho and Go Ah-sung transformed into “Street Fighters,” characters from the hand-to-hand fighting video game.

In the sixth episode of the drama, Yoo transforms into Ryu, who is a solitary Judo master, while Go Ah-sung changes into pretty Chun Lee, who wears a dumpling-shaped hairdo and a blue dress, to protect Han soo-jung (Bae Doo-na) from Ken and Sailor Moon in an English test battle.

Their opponents are Kim Sang-hoon, who is the number one student at the school, and Lee Ye-ji, who is at the top of her English class. Kim and Lee also transform into Ken and Sailor Moon, respectively.

Meanwhile, during the shooting, the director was satisfied with Go’s acting and continuously said, “O.K.” because the adorable Go performed the martial art sequences flawlessly. Yoo perfectly matched the role of Ryu, who is the most popular character in the game Street Fighter. Up to now, the transformation of Yoo and Go is said to be the most exciting change in the drama.

The production team for the “Study of Master” said, “We made great scenes using the actors’ transformations. We have tried to use different methods to express how to study.”

Yoo and Go’s transformation into Ryu and Chun Lee was broadcast during the episode of “Master of Study” on January 19.

Go Ah Sung’s selca in her Chun Lee costume ^^


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