SPOILER ALERT! (for Ep. 7)

T-ara, which has been catching everyone’s attention ever since the year started are now at it again. On KBS 2TV’s top rating show ‘God of Study’ T-ara made their surprise cameo appearance!

Netizens are taking interest in how T-ara can easily mold their image from one theme to another. This time their image has turned into scary bullies! Netizens said “wow it’s a far-shot from their cute image and sexy image! Im pleasantly surprised!”. While majority were shocked, there were also some fans who said “well I expected them to do good already so I’m not surprised.”

The members said “it was fun to shoot but behind the scenes we were freezing! We shot this with the temperature so high we couldnt even feel heat from the heatpacks!”

cr: Newsen
Translation: *YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com