SPOILER ALERT FOR EPISODE 7! (which aired on Jan. 25, 2009)

The January 25 episode of “Master of Study” signaled a love triangle between its teenage stars Gil Pul-ip (Ko Ah-sung), Hwang Baek-hyeon (Yoo Seung-ho), and Hong Chan-du (Lee Hyun-woo).

Becoming annoyed at Baek-hyeon, who has taken defiant attitudes towards Kang Seok-ho (Kim Soo-ro), the lawyer helping them, Pul-ip, ended up having a big fight with him during class. This made Chan-du, who has feelings for Pul-ip, angry and he became involved in the fight.

The fight chilled the atmosphere of the class, and when it was the lunchtime, Pul-ip and Chan-du shared their lunch together, making Baek-hyeon feel jealous. Subsequently, he ate a kiwi that Na Hyeon-jeong (Ji Yeon) — who likes him — had prepared for him, though he wouldn’t even have touched it at other times. Looking at the fruit, Pul-ip unthinkingly mentioned that strawberries are her favorite fruit.

In the evening when his mother brought him strawberries, Chan-du came to think about Pul-ip and decided to take them to Pul-ip. At the same time, Baek-hyeon also thought about her when he saw staff members at the restaurant he works at part time eating strawberries together after work.

▲ Scenes from the January 25 episode

It was Baek-hyeon who reached Pul-ip first. He made a sincere apology to her and gave her two strawberries he had brought from the restaurant wrapped in foil. Chan-du watched the two from a distance and left his own strawberries where he stood and sadly turned back home.

▲ Teacher Han Su-jeong looks at the diary of Gil Pul-ip, which asks, “Were the two strawberries a token of his heart?”

Pul-ip also indicated her confused feelings for Baek-hyeon by writing in her diary, “Were the two strawberries a token of his heart?” Teacher Han Su-jeong (Bae Doo-na) happens to read the diary.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji-eun made her first appearance as Korean language teacher Lee Eun-yu, who displays mysterious charms. And Hyeon-jeong was followed by a group of gangsters while she was going to a bookstore with Pul-ip, raising curiosity about her back story, which has remained in dark.

Writer: Roh Ji-won
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