In the seventh episode of “Master of Study,” Yoo Seung-ho, who changed his image into a rebel in the drama “Master of Study,” attempted an extreme makeover again.


This time, Yoo plays the “dumb Samryong,” who is a symbol of pure and noble love.

▲ In the 7th episode of Master of Study, actors performs their makeovers in their imaginations

These transformations are related to the special teaching methods of Korean teacher Lee Eun-yoo (Lim Ji-eun), who began her new post as a Korean teacher in the special class for the entrance examination at Cheonhwa University in the drama. In her class, Lee recommended that the students learn to understand classical literature with their hearts instead of their intellects, and she suggested that the students read a tale from classical Korean literature, “The Dumb Samryong.” In their imaginations, Hwang Baek-hyun (Yoo Seung-hoo) and Gil Pul-ip (Go Ah-sung) transformed into Samryong and a young lady from a privileged family, respectively.

In particular, Yoo Seung-ho’s extreme makeover will catch viewers’ attention: Yoo portrayed a rebellious character with a piercing, leather jacket, and stern facial expressions until now in the drama. However, in this episode, Yoo transformed into Samryong with a flowing hairstyle and shabby clothes, and performed the role of a lover who always gazes at his young lady with genuine and pure feelings.

A staff of the production team said, “Our production team calls Yoo ‘handsome Samryoung’ since Yoo is still attractive even though he transformed into Samryoung in worn out clothes. If any of you like Yoo’s beautiful smile, you will regret missing his smile, which contains his genuine feelings toward the young lady in the episode.”

Meanwhile, in the 7th episode, new masters of study such as Korean literature teacher Lee Eun-yoo will appear and enliven the drama.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju
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