Sorry for the delay guys. I’m just as excited for that page as you are. School got busy all of a sudden so the Style page and Character pages got buried.

Please suggest any items/outfits for any of the characters so I can add that here (and credit you of course for the tip ^^)

First up will probably be ChanDoo and PulIp’s “style items” because I like theirs the most 😛 Then HyunJung and BaekHyun.

You can also send in items that the actors themselves endorsed/used. Or suggest thing they MIGHT use/wear (acc. to their style)

I also need to know what that green hoodie Lee Chan Ho is wearing for the promo pics (like in this site’s banner.)

Any help/suggestion/comment is appreciated!

You can submit HERE or just comment on the STYLE page itself ^^

Thanks guys and keep giving this drama love and support~!