Has the art of suspense gone too far?


On the February 1st broadcast of KBS2TV’s new hit drama “God of Study” a kiss scene between characters Hwang Baekyeon, played by Yoo Seung Ho (Queen Seon Deok),  and Gil Pulip, played by Go Ah Sung (The Host) caused a bit of controversy.

In an effort to avoid too many spoilers the summary will be quick.

Baekyeon leans in for a kiss at the end of the episode while his stalker Na Hyun Jeong (played by Jiyeon from T-ara) watches.

If you’ve seen a Korean drama before, you’ll recognize the classic love triangle, although I must admit that it’s a bit more complicated than that (to be honest, it’s more of a love rectangle).

What viewers of the drama are complaining about is the fact that the camera angle distorts the view of the kiss and it’s inconclusive at the end of the episode as to whether or not the two kissed. Basically, the viewers are complaining over an issue that was intended by the director… what dramas are all about.

They don’t like the suspense!

source: allkpop.com