I completely forgot about this. I saw this before (and tried it a little) but I didn’t really know who he was. It’s from November 2009 but YSH is still such a cutie ^^ I’m not sure if you can still play the game (still checking) but you can watch the video under the cut to get the general idea. Yes, you can still play the game! Take note: it takes a while to load and the instructions are in Korean so you should check out the guide link under the cut. Or if you’re lazy, just watch the video of what happens in the “end” XD

Yoo Seung Ho and around 150,000 fans (and counting) have enjoyed a Pepero game online recently.

As a part of their ongoing OZ Generation campaign, LG Telecom has gifted fans a virtual Star Date game with Yoo Seung Ho. The first person to be part of this virtual dating game was Lee Yeon Hee earlier in the year.

Yoo Seung Ho’s virtual dating game was opened to the public on November 11th and has so far received 155,000 players which is less than the 200,000 players for Lee Yeon Hee. Around five visitors were recorded playing the game every second.

Expectations were high after the success of Lee Yeon Hee’s date and the second version of the game proved to be a big hit with fans as well.

It has only been a day since the game has been released and blog sites are already posting game tips. The different ending clips of Yoo Seung Ho are so adorable that people are re-playing the game just to see them all.

One netizen said, “I played 4 times and each time, he tells me we should just be friends. I’m going to play till he thinks we are dating material.” Another netizen said she almost cried when Yoo Seung Ho made a cute proposal at the end.

The LG Telecom marketing team said, “Yoo Seung Ho’s Star Date game has been very successful in one day. It’s following in Lee Yeon Hee’s Star Date success. It’s the result of months of preparation. I hope people get to see different features of the LG Telecom OZ service by playing this game with Yoo Seung Ho.”

The game is divided into nine different missions where every decision will result in a +/- of a love gauge. The higher your love gauge is at the end, the better ending you will get with Yoo Seung Ho. The missions range from picking a dress for yourself, picking an outfit for Yoo Seung Ho, a Pepero game, etc fun games.

Here’s a little spoiler for those of you who are dying to see the ending.

If you fancy a shot at the game, visit OZ Generation website now!

If you need tips to progress, visit this excellent guide by Ciael.

And this is what our [allkpop] reader, may24may got after getting 100% for the love gauge.

This is about the ending of Virtual Dating game with Yoo Seung Ho. If you get 100%, the ending would be him shaking hands with you instead of the usual “rose and kiss on forehead”. Then he sends, a message in korean (I dont know what it means but I assume it’s to look outside). Then there he is in front of your house, with candles arranged in a heart-shape with his name
and your name. And you end up going outside, kissing him on the lips (SQUEALS!). And he says “Saranghae.”

source: allkpop.com