Here’s a great fanmade MV by charisnova featuring Baek-Hyun, PulIp, and Chandoo.

The song used is Dreamer – Sunmin (OST) and the maker used clips from Episodes 1-6

LINK TO G0d Of Study MV 1- Dreamer feat. Baek-hyun, Pil-ip, Chan-doo

You can also comment over HERE at the YT video and vote for which pairing you would like to see in the next MV! ^^

Here are the choices:
1. Hyun-jung & Baek-hyun (Seobang Love)
2. Pul-ip & Baek-hyun (Strawberries Love)
3. Pul-ip & Hyun-jung (Sister-Friendship)
4. OTHERS – please specify