Hey guys~

SO SO Sorry for the lack of updates. My busy week ended but I still had some stuff to do over the weekend.

I do check and update the GOD OF STUDY TWITTER ACCOUNT pretty often (I’m on twitter daily though on my personal account) so please follow to get more updates. ^^

I watched Episodes 3-5 this weekend~ Yay! (I watched them all on youtube, btw.)

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I did add one thing to the STYLE page. It’s still not done but please tell me what you guys think of that one graphic. Should I keep doing ‘Style Item’ graphics like that or would you like articles with the items’ specs/reviews? Also, if any of you like to use Polyvore.com, feel free to create outfit SETS related to God of Study and I’d be happy to post them on the style page! ^^

Also, I’m thinking of buying the same headphones as Pulip (they’re customizable Philip headphones) so if/when I do, I’ll post either a product review or at least a  STYLE ITEM GRAPHIC ^^ Please keep suggesting for style items to be featured!

I AM still gonna make individual character pages as well as episode pages but it’s still very hard for me to find video links (raw or subbed) for each episode so please do continue to link them to me. That would be a big big help.

Also, thank you so much for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate them and I’m glad some of you like the site. ^^

Don’t forget that you can always: (these are all links)

Episode 11 airs today in Korea! All of you who can watch it without subs, tell us how it was! Not spoilers, but general feedback.

God of Study Fighting!