Okay, guys and gals. I almost died when I saw the Dramabeans article this morning. Our Baek-kyun, a.k.a Yoo Seung Ho, will be singing a lullaby to Pul-ip!

Here is the article from dramabeans.com:

If you want to hear Yoo Seung-ho’s singing voice, you might want to tune in to Episode 12 of God of Study. The star of the hit KBS drama, who plays hot-tempered Baek-hyun, sings a trot song (“땡벌”) for his classmate and friend Pul-ip (Go Ah-sung) in today’s (Tuesday) episode.

” In the drama, the kids go away to a mountain locale for yet another of the rigorous “Sparta-like” training sessions for their special university entry class, led by their teacher (Kim Su-ro). Pul-ip always listens to that particular song before going to sleep (and Baek-hyun has teased her about her old-fashioned taste in music before), but because of the retreat, she’s unable to hear it tonight and has trouble falling asleep. So Baek-hyun sings the song for her, giving the upbeat trot tune a ballad spin.

I’m way behind on God of Study (plot… sooo… slow…) but these two kids are my favorites, so I’ll be tuning in for this moment. ”

Source: Dramabeans.com

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