Hey Guys!

Sorry once again for the lack of updates lately.

  • We have a new BTS page HERE full of Official behind-the-scenes pictures ^^
  • Style page has been updated but it’s still not finished. Sorry bout that.
  • WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTORS/WRITERS to help update the site. STAFF APPLICATION Form is in the Links list.
  • We need people who would like to write nice in-depth articles on each episode or each character.
  • @eyesmilez has volunteered to help translate stuff so if you guys know any articles/interviews/cyworld entries that haven’t been translated yet, please COMMENT 😀
  • CHAN DOO/HYUN WOO’s page has been updated! Please also send me links to each actor’s Facebook fanpage if they have one! ^^
  • Please also don’t forget to VOTE in the layout and fave character polls! 😀
  • Episode 13 of God of Study aired in Korea tonight. I am still not sure if they have decided to extend the drama past 16 episodes so keep your fingers crossed!
  • Lastly, KBS World has just aired the first episode of ‘Master of Study’ today, Monday at 9PM. Please do keep watching the succeeding episodes in all their HQ and fully english-subbed glory ^^
  • But don’t forget that our friends at HARU2SUBS and CASHEWMANIAKPOP do upload subs/videos FASTER than KBS World so if you’re really impatient, look them up 😉 But DON’T FORGET TO THANK THEM!

Once again, thanks for all the comments and support! Please continue to enjoy God of Study and keep loving the cast! ^^

Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤