The KBS drama “God of Study” is very popular nowadays and netizens have selected some artists that they think deserve the title of “God of Study”:

1.Taecyeon of 2PM

Taec often says on shows that in America, he was pretty boring and just studied a lot. He was quite a well-rounded student in high school–he was involved in sports like track and soccer, the jazz club, the chess club, and was part of the National Honors Society.

It was also revealed recently that Taecyeon can speak FOUR languages fluently–English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese.

What’s not to like about this guy? He’s talented, funny, good-looking, AND smart!

And here are some pictures from Taec’s high school yearbook:

Chess Club

National Honor Society

Jazz Band

JV Soccer

Spring Track

2PM's Graduation Photos

Taecyeon now (for "Cinderella's Sister")

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2.SHINee’s Onew

On the January 24th episode of “Shin Dong-yeop’s 300,” SHINee’s leader Onew (real name: Lee Jinki) talked about his past school days at Kwangmyong Information Industry High School.

Quoting the article from

During the recording, the 300 audience members, who were all under 20-years-old, talked about how happiness can be found from good grades.

Onew commented,

“I’m actually really shy so I never thought I’d go into the field of entertainment. But in high school, I started to practice my singing. But I also studied hard. In my junior year of high school, I came in second place in the whole school [in terms of grades].”


Lee Jinki - Pre-Debut

SHINee in school uniforms...for girls

3.Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun

Super Junior Kyuhyun is also a person who belongs to the “Uhm-chin-ah”* line.

Kyuhyun’s talent is great and it was proven by the Math Olympic’s award he got when he was still in school.

There is saying that Kyuhyun often spend his time to solve math problems and it even shows his ability in math.

Currently, Kyuhyun majors in Postmodern music in University and he had taken the SAT to gain the admission to that school before debuting as a celebrity. Kyuhyun had been at the top of the whole school when he was a  senior in high school and he was also famous for his ability in foreign language.

* my mom’s friend’s son, a term to describe a young boy who is too good to be true….but now it is used to refer a superior boy.

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Pre-Debut Kyu

Kyuhyun and UEE (After School) against some young math wizards on Star King

Super Junior in School Uniforms

4.Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun

Wonder Girls Ye Eun was a honor student during her middle school years.

In the recording for SBS “The Star Show” talkshow program on the afternoon of 5th June 2008, the Wonder Girls who was making a comeback with their “So Hot” mini album showed their report cards to the hosts.

Ye Eun who is known to be a top student said

Although my exam results are very good but my self study review isn’t that good. In my first and second year, I got first for my final term exams. But if you add the projects and self study review, I would be second instead.

She added

Although I am fond of reading books normally, my maths isn’t that good. In my second semester, my results was rock-bottom.

MC Park Soo Hong then took a look at Ye Eun’s report card and replied

In all of your subjects, you got 90 points but only in maths, you got 86 points. Is that supposed to be bad?

Meanwhile, leader Min Sun Ye middle school results were also revealed and other than one subject being “excellent”, the other subjects were all “good”. The results of the two youngest members were also revealed with Sun Mi having got number one before in her class. For So Hee, she did hover in the upper echelons of her class before. No mention was made of Yoo Bin’s results.

A top student in school, scored high for every subjects except Maths(86) marks… Wow!  Despite the busy schedule,she managed to do well in school!


Wonder Girls Endorsing School Uniforms

5.Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo

She excelled in her academy but her dream was become a hip hop singer, so she did not go to Canada to further her studies. (source: Daily K Pop News!)

Brown Eyed Girls in school uniforms

6.Jewelry’s Eun Jung

An ex-student of an international school in Inchoen, of course she did well in her studies too! (Daily K Pop News!)

Kim Eun Jung in high school (source)

What do you think? Isn’t it amazing that these KPOP stars work so hard to shine in school AND onstage? Any stars that you think should be included?

The original untranslated article is here. I could not find a fully translated article so I based the general info off of Kacey’s article at Daily K Pop News and did some research by myself. I compiled all these articles, looked for all these pictures and wrote the part about Taec. ^^