KBS’s television series God of Study may have left airwaves, but producers aren’t letting its popularity die away: production company Drama House has announced that they’ll be publishing both a tips/techniques guide containing the study methods promoted in the drama as well as a workbook. As the show is based on a Japanese manga and drama (Dragon Zakura), this book will tweak the tips of the original to suit the Korean education system and promises to give techniques that will produce real effects.

The drama enjoyed a strong run, not just because of its adorable teen cast but also because it earned favorable responses from mothers who cottoned on to the somewhat simplistic “study hard if you want to succeed” message. Much of that appeal was due to the studying methods that were employed in every episode, and parents even recommended that their kids tune in. God of Study is different from other successful dramas in that the show focused more on studying methods than it did on following traditional dramatic structure and narrative development.

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source: Dramabeans.com