Actress Bae Doo Na recently did a photoshoot for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, entitled “BRIT GIRL”. The photos are set to appear in the magazine’s April edition. In them, she’s wearing clothes from the fashion brand KIETH’s spring/summer collection.

Bae Doo Na recently starred in the hit KBS drama God of Study, and her film Air Doll (directed by renowned Japanese director Koreeda Hirokazu) will be hitting Korean theatres soon.

I think she looks great, don’t you? She’s certainly giving off a doll-like feel. Her hair looks great (although I think it’s a wig/extensions?), and the clothes really suit her. I’m just confused by the seeming necessity of balancing three hats on her head simultaneously…Is there a deeper meaning to that that I’m somehow missing?

Anyways, I love Bae Doo Na, and while I found Air Doll disappointing, her performance in it was wonderful. I’m looking forward to hearing about her next project, whenever that will be.

(Via Newsen)