Having confirmed Kim Soo Ro recently as a teacher for Death Bell 2, the entire cast and some production staff for the movie got together recently for their first dinner meeting.

With the exception of Yoon Si Yoon who wasn’t able to make it due to a CF shoot, Kim Soo Ro, T-ara’s Jiyeon and Qri, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Eun Bin, Ji Chang Wook, Nam Bora, Yoon Se Ah, Choi Ah Jin, etc all attended this dinner meeting and set the foundation for a successful filming beginning this April.

Death Bell 2 is the sequel to Death Bell in 2008 which starred Kim Bum, Lee Bum Soo, Nam Gyuri, Yoon Jung Hee, etc did very well at the box-office when it was shown in 2008 and the production company is confident that the sequel will be another success.

The movie is set for a Summer release this July.

source: allkpop