The game devil Kim Soo Ro will be celebrating his 40th (41st in Korea) birthday on May 7th but before everyone else, he was given a surprise birthday party on May 6th by the cast and production staff of Death Bell 2.

Filming progressed as usual for Death Bell 2 which is set for a end July release. But unknown to Kim Soo Ro, his fellow cast members and production staff had prepared a small gift and surprise birthday party for him on May 6th.

As the clock struck midnight yesterday, shooting suddenly ceased while the lights dimmed as they bought out a birthday cake and sang a birthday song for the birthday man who was greatly overwhelmed by their actions.

Kim Soo Ro expressed, “I was really surprised that they did this for me and I am very thankful.” Kim Soo Ro will play the role of a teacher yet again for this movie.