On the recent episode of Strong Heart, girl group T-ara’s Jiyeon and actor Yoon Si Yoon poured moments when their fantasy-like visions of each other came to a halt .

Jiyeon confessed:

“There was a scene in the movie where he (Yoon Si Yoon) had to perform mouth-to- mouth resuscitation on me after I fell into the water”

“At that moment, he didn’t change into a new pair of pants and was still wearing a ripped one. If I opened my eyes, I would’ve seen the ripped pants. So I kept my eyes shut”

Meanwhile, Yoon Si Yoon shared:

“I felt bad that Jiyeon went through a lot when filming the underwater scene, but she gave out a refreshing burp when she came out of the water”

“I think it happened due to the underwater pressure”

Jiyeon also added onto this funny story:

“Yoon Si Yoon stared at me after I burped, and then he suddenly said ‘there’s something inside your nose’”

“He added ‘how could a female actress have boogers’ and generously took off the booger for me”

Yoon Si Yoon added:

“I didn’t take the booger out for you. I picked it up instead”

Later during the broadcast, Jiyeon also shared:

“I made a cameo appearance once on High Kick Through The Roof, and I heard that I was Yoon Si Yoon’s ideal at that time”

Although their fantasy-like visions of each other may have come to an end, they seem like really good friends now.