It was revealed on the 22nd that actor Yoo Seung Ho and singer IU had recorded a duet together recently.

Yoo Seung Ho (17) and IU (17) had recently participated in the recording of KBS1TV’s popular charity show, Love Request where they visited the slums of India and Sri Lanka and witnessed at first hand the terrible living conditions of the locals.

After returning to Seoul, Yoo Seung Ho felt sad that he couldn’t do more and decided to record a song for a charity album and also take part in a photo exhibit. All proceeds will subsequently be delivered to the countries in need.

The duet was written by G.Gorilla with reference to the diary that Seung Ho wrote while overseas. Fans can look forward to listening to the song through the 600th episode of Love Request on July 24th and a MV of the two recording the song will also be released shortly afterwards.