Early this month, we reported that MBLAQ became Kim Suro’s students on Mnet’s “Kim Suro’s Prestigious University Class” in order to gain entry to Seoul University.

During the latest broadcast, MBLAQ members Lee Joon, Seungho, and Thunder were nervously waiting for admission results from the university. Mir and G.O. had already received their rejection letters the previous week.

On the last English mock test, Lee Joon demonstrated persistence and received 1st place. Thunder had spent time in the Philippines before his debut and was therefore equipped with excellent English skills. Leader Seungho was shown waiting anxiously with his family members. Many viewers and fans were anticipating the acceptance results for the remaining three members.

However, the results came as a shock. Unfortunately, all five members failed to gain admission to Seoul University. For Lee Joon, apart from writing, the rest of his scores were not favorable. The same went for Seungho, who received higher than 75 points on writing, but fumbled to last place in English. As expected, Thunder scored the best in English, but received low scores on his writing.

MBLAQ’s instructor Kim Suro sadly spoke, ‘Because all five members failed, I feel terrible.

In the end, due to the unforeseen results, Mnet suspended the broadcast. A representative from the show expressed, ‘Right now we’re looking for a solution. A decision has not yet been made. For now ‘Kim Suro’s Prestigious University Class’ will not be broadcasted.

The fans couldn’t hide their disappointment after finding out that all the members had failed.

Mnet’s ‘Kim Suro’s Prestigious University Class’ will not be broadcasted for a while. Although it will not be discontinued, there is much focus on how the program will continue.