T-ara’s Jiyeon, recently uploaded a four picture selca on her Twitter, which has been garnering attention.

On her Twitter, Jiyeon also wrote,

Lalala~ Mm~ I’m in a happy mood today~”.

In the photos, Jiyeon’s bangs are covering one of her eyes, and she’s smiling innocently, looking like a little child.

Netizens commented that she looked “cute” and “pretty”, but one individual said, “It’s weird for her to say she’s in a good mood when the first episode of her new drama just got postponed.” For those who don’t know, the premiere of KBS 1TV’s ‘Jungle Fish 2 was suddenly postponed due to unforeseen internal affairs.

Source: TV Daily/ Photo: Jiyeon’s Twitter

CREDIT: Korean-Artist

Previously, it has been confirmed that ‘Jungle Fish 2′ will start its premier broadcast on the 25th of September. However, on official homepage of the production team – it has been announced that the broadcast has been postponed due to internal problem. The team also promised to notify everyone once a settled date and timeslot has been confirmed.

Written By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)