Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo play love interests in the MBC drama “Flames of Ambition“, and the production company has now released a couple of photos of the two sharing an intimate hug scene, making the fans more antsy.

The drama has already aired its first two episodes, but Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo have not yet appeared in the drama, apart from a few teasing snippets.

They have a eight year age difference in real life, so it might be a little weird to see them become lovers.

Seo Woo said about Yoo Seung Ho, “I knew he was younger than me, but he’s so mature and polite. He’s also a great actor, so there are no problems with us working together.”

Yoo Seung Ho expressed, “It’s overwhelming to play a new role, but Seo Woo nuna is making me feel comfortable. I think we’ll be able to carry out filming with a fun attitude.”

Source: OSEN

Photo: MBC