Up for a sweet little picnic under the sun with actor Yoo Seung Ho?

17-year-old Yoo Seung Ho took part in a recent photoshoot for HIGHCUT. With the photoshoot’s theme being ‘YOUTHFUL BEAUTIFUL’, Yoo Seung Ho flew over to Jeju Island for the photoshoot.

Yoo Seung Ho showered the set with his youthful energy and flawlessly unleashed his cute charms through various poses. Despite the humid and hot weather, Yoo Seung Ho’s smile never left his face.

The complete pictorial for 35th issue of HIGH CUT will be revealed on the 25th through www.highcut.co.kr.

Meanwhile, check out these dandy photos below!

3 Pictures + Article Credit: ALLKPOP

Pictures of the actual magazine thanks to AA_CHAN!