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Restrictions imposed on five dramas including ‘Flames of Ambition’ for unethical content

A total of five dramas have received a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission

A general meeting was held on November 24th in order to impose restrictions against six different dramas from public broadcast and cable channels. The programs that received sanctions are MBC’s “Flames of Ambition,” “The Scarlet Letter,” SBS’s “Giant,” “CulTwo Show,” and KNN’s “Chase Scene Siren.”

“Flames of Ambition” received warnings for excessive scenes of violence, a scene with a hit-and-run, and other unethical content such as characters persuading others to rape the protagonist’s sister. The drama features stimulating scenes such as gangsters slapping and kicking Na Young (Shim Eun Kyung), Na Young asking neighborhood teens to rape her sister in order to become the new daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, and Na Young hitting her son’s birth mother with her car and running away.

“The Scarlet Letter” and “Giant” both received warnings for excessive scenes of violence and the broadcast of unethical content, while “Cultwo Show” was warned for vulgar language and the use of informal speech.

Source: Osen via Nate



Actress Seo Woo on Yoo Seung Ho

Actress Seo Woo recently sat down for an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” and discussed her new drama, her co-star Yoo Seung Ho, and her dancing cameo in Psy’s “Right Now” music video.

The reporter started off the interview by asking her what it was like to work with the “nation’s little brother”, Yoo Seung Ho, for their new drama, “Flames of Ambition“. Apparently, Seo Woo generated a lot of jealousy from female fans due to her opportunity to become Yoo Seung Ho’s lover. Seo Woo said tactfully,

“I feel like I become a much kinder person when I’m with Seung Ho.”

Read the full article on Allkpop HERE

Celebrities criticized for being given special treatment by colleges

With recent news of more celebrities being admitted into college surfacing to the public, the celebrities in question have been wrapped in an unending string of controversy over not only their admittance, but over the schools’ standards as well.

As opposed to congratulating the students, criticisms have been pouring forward for the unfair and biased treatment given to celebrities.

Celebrities that have been recently admitted include Go Ah Sung and Goo Hye Sun for Sungkyunkwan University, Wonder Girls‘ Sunmi, 4minute’s Gayoon, and model Kim Ji Won for Dong Kuk University.

With constant reports of celebrities entering college through the system’s special treatment screening, which allows celebrities to enter college for the mere fact of being a celebrity, the issue has caused not only current students, but parents of students and regular citizens to express their outrage over the biased treatment.

Celebrities are given preferential treatment by colleges in exchange for promotion for their school. Many have begun to raise their voices in questioning how the special talents of a celebrity can be compared to the years of unending effort normal students must put in for a chance to be considered by a college.

Part of the problem also lies in celebrities being admitted into majors that have nothing to do with the ’special talents’ that they were admitted into the school for in the first place.

Go Ah Sung was recently swept in controversy for being admitted into Sungkyunkwan University by being given special preference for her acting talent. Once netizens found that she was a social affairs major, many began questioning why she was admitted into a major she had no talent for.

S.E.S’s Eugene entered Koryeo University as a Western Culture major in 2000, Dana entered Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as a Chinese major in 2004, and Moon Geun Young entered Sungkyunkwan University as a Korean Literature major in 2005. Each celebrity in question was given special preference for their celebrity status and talents in their respective fields, but were admitted into majors completely unrelated to the talent in which they were admitted for.

Students currently studying for the college entrance exam have expressed their feelings of deprivation, and are raising their voices in anger over seats being stolen away from those that truly studied and worked for it. One asked, “Why must a celebrity that was admitted into a school for his or her singing talent be also admitted into a major that is unrelated to it?

The final part to this controversy is the celebrities’ attitude at school. Although they were admitted, celebrities end up being what is now nicknamed as ‘the ghost students,’ never appearing for classes and enjoying the title of being a hard working college student/celebrity.

Due to such issues at hand, news of celebrities entering college has not been received well by the public, and are often targeted for criticism, making many question why such special treatment even exists for celebrities at all.

Netizens commented, “Sunmi left the Wonder Girls because she wanted to study. Why would she use her status as a celebrity and the school’s preferential favor to be admitted to college?“, “It wouldn’t even as big as a problem if they at least showed up to class,” “They should wait until they’re truly ready for college,” “Let’s stop stealing seats from competent students,” and “As if being exempted from the military isn’t enough, they’re now getting free rides to college.

Another netizen retorted, “How much effort did these celebrities put in before they actually became one? They put everything on the line and risked their entire lives and futures to choose their path. How can that not be comparable to the effort students put in?

Where do you guys stand on this issue?

Source + Photo: MyDaily


Go Ah Sung and Goo Hye Sun accepted to Sungkyunkwan University

Triple-threat Goo Hye Sun (actress/singer/director) and actress Go Ah Sung were both granted early acceptances to Sungkyunkwan University.

Sungkyunkwan University is not just a set for the popular KBS drama, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘. Also known as SKKU or simply ‘Seongdae’, Sunkyunkwan University is a private university in Suwon and is considered to be one of the foremost universities in the country.

Go Ah Sung and Goo Hye Sun have accepted the admissions and will begin classes in March. While Goo Hye Sun will be attending the school for film-making, Go Ah Sung will enroll in the department of social sciences.

The two will be joining many other celebrities already attending the university, including Song Joong Ki, Moon Geun Young, and Ji Hyun Woo.

Go Ah Sung, who recently finished filming ‘God of Study‘ is being praised by netizens for finding time to study despite her busy schedule. Netizens commented, “Wow, she really is the God of Study”.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is currently busy filming her upcoming drama, “The Musical“.

Congratulations to both!


Jiyeon voted as idol most likely to be caught in a relationship

T-ara’s maknae Jiyeon was recently voted the number 1 celebrity who would most easily get caught if she were to be in a secret relationship.

A poll was conducted on music site Monkey3 for one week, with the question of interest being: “Which idol would get caught the easiest if they were in a secret relationship?”

Out of the 487 netizens who participated, 155 of them (32%) voted for Jiyeon, ranking her 1st. The majority of voters thought, “She’s so innocent that if she was next to the person she liked, she wouldn’t be able to hide her expressions.”

After Jiyeon was Big Bang’s Seungri (24%, 116 votes), and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (20%, 97 votes), which placed them 2nd and 3rd respectively. B2ST’s leader Doojoon (11%), 2NE1′s Sandara Park (9%), and After School’s UEE (5%), were also ranked in the top six.

Meanwhile, on Monkey3’s currently open poll for ‘Which male star would you want as your leg pillow?‘, Micky Yoochun, Song Joong Ki and Kim Hyun Joong are currently chosen as the top candidates.

Source: Monkey3

Photo: NTN


Yoo Seung Ho has clear and beautiful eyes

Nicknamed the “nation’s younger brother,” popular actor Yoo Seung Ho is recently becoming a hot topic for his bright and clear eyes.

Yoo Seung Ho is currently receiving praise for his portrayal of a rich heir named Kim Min Jae in new MBC drama Flames of Ambition. Fans who are enjoying the drama stated that they couldn’t help but notice Yoo Seung Ho’s charismatic eyes as they commented, “Once I see Yoo Seung Ho’s warm eyes I can’t take my eyes off of it” and “During a drama scene where Seo Woo attempted a surprise necktie kiss, Yoo Seung Ho 100% successfully depicted his mixed feelings through his eyes.”

Lasik and Lasek Eye Plus doctor Lee Yong Jae helped explain why the public is drawn to the actor’s eyes, as he explained, “Yoo Seung Ho’s clear eyes gives off the feeling of a bright transparent lake. There have been a lot of people in their 20s who have been wanting lasik and lasek procedures after the influence of Yoo Seung Ho’s beautiful eyes that are currently being compared to the animation character Atom because of its clearness.”

I think Yoo Seung Ho has the eyes and the looks to be envied upon. What do you guys think, does Yoo Seung Ho possess eyes that are worthy of being called “Atom eyes”?


Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho’s dramatic first meeting in “Flames of Ambition”

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Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho recently filmed a scene for their drama, “Flames of Ambition” which showed how they met each other for the first time.

The filming took place on the 14th which saw Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho) about to enter the hall where the birthday party for his grandpa was being held. But he was stopped by In Hee (Seo Woo) who said to him, “Just be my boyfriend for 10 minutes,” before a bevy of reporters surrounded them.

Having already worked beforehand for some scenes before this, the both of them already had some chemistry with each other, leaving everyone impressed.

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