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Idols who will officially become legal adults in 2012

There are a lot of idols that will officially be legal adults in the quickly approaching new year, and fans already have high expectations as to how they will begin to broaden their spectrums as adults.

Fans are most excited for the nation’s sweetheart IU to become legal. IU has put her plans for college on hold, and revealed on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ that she will attend when the timing is right. She is currently promoting her new song “You & I“.

IU’s best friends f(x) member Luna and T-ara‘s Jiyeon are also getting ready to graduate high school, and SISTAR‘s Dasom will also become legal in 2012. Members Eunji and Bomi of rookie girl group A Pink are also looking forward to becoming adults in the new year.

Actors Lee Hyun Woo and Yoo Seung Ho who have made their debut as child actors are also getting ready to become mature men. Yoo Seung Ho who has already taken up a few adult roles and will continue to delight his fans by showing various sides of himself through his acting. Lee Hyun Woo who has featured in KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of Study‘ and SBS TV‘s ‘Gyebaek‘ will also continue to broaden his horizons as an actor.

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Photos of Jiyeon for T-ara’s New Concept

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Jungle Fish 2 Trailer Unveiled

Take a look at the trailer of KBS2’s latest drama Jungle Fish 2!

T-ara’s JiYeon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as well as Co-ed School’s Hyo Yong are in this drama too, are you excited? ^^

Jiyeon voted as idol most likely to be caught in a relationship

T-ara’s maknae Jiyeon was recently voted the number 1 celebrity who would most easily get caught if she were to be in a secret relationship.

A poll was conducted on music site Monkey3 for one week, with the question of interest being: “Which idol would get caught the easiest if they were in a secret relationship?”

Out of the 487 netizens who participated, 155 of them (32%) voted for Jiyeon, ranking her 1st. The majority of voters thought, “She’s so innocent that if she was next to the person she liked, she wouldn’t be able to hide her expressions.”

After Jiyeon was Big Bang’s Seungri (24%, 116 votes), and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon (20%, 97 votes), which placed them 2nd and 3rd respectively. B2ST’s leader Doojoon (11%), 2NE1′s Sandara Park (9%), and After School’s UEE (5%), were also ranked in the top six.

Meanwhile, on Monkey3’s currently open poll for ‘Which male star would you want as your leg pillow?‘, Micky Yoochun, Song Joong Ki and Kim Hyun Joong are currently chosen as the top candidates.

Source: Monkey3

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Despite Jungle Fish 2’s Postponement, Jiyeon is in a good mood ^^

T-ara’s Jiyeon, recently uploaded a four picture selca on her Twitter, which has been garnering attention.

On her Twitter, Jiyeon also wrote,

Lalala~ Mm~ I’m in a happy mood today~”.

In the photos, Jiyeon’s bangs are covering one of her eyes, and she’s smiling innocently, looking like a little child.

Netizens commented that she looked “cute” and “pretty”, but one individual said, “It’s weird for her to say she’s in a good mood when the first episode of her new drama just got postponed.” For those who don’t know, the premiere of KBS 1TV’s ‘Jungle Fish 2 was suddenly postponed due to unforeseen internal affairs.

Source: TV Daily/ Photo: Jiyeon’s Twitter

CREDIT: Korean-Artist

Previously, it has been confirmed that ‘Jungle Fish 2′ will start its premier broadcast on the 25th of September. However, on official homepage of the production team – it has been announced that the broadcast has been postponed due to internal problem. The team also promised to notify everyone once a settled date and timeslot has been confirmed.

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Clips of Lee Joon and Jiyeon at Jungle Fish 2 PressCon

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Extended Jungle Fish 2 Teaser ^^

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