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Restrictions imposed on five dramas including ‘Flames of Ambition’ for unethical content

A total of five dramas have received a warning from the Korea Communications Standards Commission

A general meeting was held on November 24th in order to impose restrictions against six different dramas from public broadcast and cable channels. The programs that received sanctions are MBC’s “Flames of Ambition,” “The Scarlet Letter,” SBS’s “Giant,” “CulTwo Show,” and KNN’s “Chase Scene Siren.”

“Flames of Ambition” received warnings for excessive scenes of violence, a scene with a hit-and-run, and other unethical content such as characters persuading others to rape the protagonist’s sister. The drama features stimulating scenes such as gangsters slapping and kicking Na Young (Shim Eun Kyung), Na Young asking neighborhood teens to rape her sister in order to become the new daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, and Na Young hitting her son’s birth mother with her car and running away.

“The Scarlet Letter” and “Giant” both received warnings for excessive scenes of violence and the broadcast of unethical content, while “Cultwo Show” was warned for vulgar language and the use of informal speech.

Source: Osen via Nate



Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho’s dramatic first meeting in “Flames of Ambition”

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Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho recently filmed a scene for their drama, “Flames of Ambition” which showed how they met each other for the first time.

The filming took place on the 14th which saw Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho) about to enter the hall where the birthday party for his grandpa was being held. But he was stopped by In Hee (Seo Woo) who said to him, “Just be my boyfriend for 10 minutes,” before a bevy of reporters surrounded them.

Having already worked beforehand for some scenes before this, the both of them already had some chemistry with each other, leaving everyone impressed.

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Jiyeon and Yoon Si Yoon share funny stories of each other

On the recent episode of Strong Heart, girl group T-ara’s Jiyeon and actor Yoon Si Yoon poured moments when their fantasy-like visions of each other came to a halt .

Jiyeon confessed:

“There was a scene in the movie where he (Yoon Si Yoon) had to perform mouth-to- mouth resuscitation on me after I fell into the water”

“At that moment, he didn’t change into a new pair of pants and was still wearing a ripped one. If I opened my eyes, I would’ve seen the ripped pants. So I kept my eyes shut”

Meanwhile, Yoon Si Yoon shared:

“I felt bad that Jiyeon went through a lot when filming the underwater scene, but she gave out a refreshing burp when she came out of the water”

“I think it happened due to the underwater pressure”

Jiyeon also added onto this funny story:

“Yoon Si Yoon stared at me after I burped, and then he suddenly said ‘there’s something inside your nose’”

“He added ‘how could a female actress have boogers’ and generously took off the booger for me”

Yoon Si Yoon added:

“I didn’t take the booger out for you. I picked it up instead”

Later during the broadcast, Jiyeon also shared:

“I made a cameo appearance once on High Kick Through The Roof, and I heard that I was Yoon Si Yoon’s ideal at that time”

Although their fantasy-like visions of each other may have come to an end, they seem like really good friends now.


First peek of Jiyeon in Death Bell 2

Having confirmed the cast and having a dinner meeting, the first stills for the upcoming horror movie, Death Bell 2 have been released after filming begun this past weekend.

The stills show T-ara’s Jiyeon drenched by the rain in school uniform, with a miserable expression on her face.

Death Bell 2 is scheduled for a release at the end of July.


Download the FINAL 2 Episodes of ‘God of Study’!

You guys can download the last 2 episodes RAW, Ep. 15 & 16 from!


[HQ] God of Study Ep. 15.avi [701 MB]

[HQ] God of Study Ep. 16.avi [700.62 MB]

God of Study cast become runway models

If you are a frequent viewer of KBS2TV’s God of Study since it’s airing in January, you would have bear witness to the teachers’ sometimes unique and special teaching methods in educating the five students of the special class.

But if you thought you have seen them all, the best is yet to come.

In an attempt to alleviate their nervousness especially with the exams nearing, teacher Cha Ki Bong (Byun Hee Bong) created a situation where the students and teachers take to the runaway as fashion models.

Check them out:


Yoo Seung Ho sings a lullaby!


Okay, guys and gals. I almost died when I saw the Dramabeans article this morning. Our Baek-kyun, a.k.a Yoo Seung Ho, will be singing a lullaby to Pul-ip!

Here is the article from

If you want to hear Yoo Seung-ho’s singing voice, you might want to tune in to Episode 12 of God of Study. The star of the hit KBS drama, who plays hot-tempered Baek-hyun, sings a trot song (“땡벌”) for his classmate and friend Pul-ip (Go Ah-sung) in today’s (Tuesday) episode.

” In the drama, the kids go away to a mountain locale for yet another of the rigorous “Sparta-like” training sessions for their special university entry class, led by their teacher (Kim Su-ro). Pul-ip always listens to that particular song before going to sleep (and Baek-hyun has teased her about her old-fashioned taste in music before), but because of the retreat, she’s unable to hear it tonight and has trouble falling asleep. So Baek-hyun sings the song for her, giving the upbeat trot tune a ballad spin.

I’m way behind on God of Study (plot… sooo… slow…) but these two kids are my favorites, so I’ll be tuning in for this moment. ”


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EPISODE 12 is available for download!

Thanks to the amazing cashewmaniakpop:

[HQ] God of Study Ep. 12.avi [700.47 MB]


If you prefer to watch it through a video website visit:


And once again, I can’t emphasize this enough, please take the time to thank and subscribe to them! Without their work and dedication we wouldn’t be able to watch our favorite drama.

~Anyong everyone


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