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Those clothes don’t suit Yoo Seung-ho?

Viewers are asking, “Why are they wearing that?” to their national dongsaengs (little brother and sister), Yoo Seung-ho and Moon Geun-young, questioning the style choices in their respective dramas, “Flames of Amibition” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night.”

Drama fans are a little upset with their national dongsaengs‘ style choices lately. Frankly speaking, netizens agree with the style but wonder why the clothes don’t look like they fit right. Fans are saying,

“Their faces look too young for the clothes they’re wearing.”

In “Flames of AmbitionYoo Seung-ho switched over to an older style with slimming and feminine cuts, but many believe that it looks like a young guy wearing clothes that are too old for him, not only seeming awkward but also make him seem short.

Fan girls believe young and casual or young and rebel styles fit the young actor best. What do you think?

It seems as though the stylist is just buying stylish clothing without first considering the cute guy that’ll be wearing it.




Photos of Jiyeon for T-ara’s New Concept

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God of Study in Indonesian Magazine (Contribute your fanart, entries, or photos to the site and get featured!)

Thanks @syaffanchairs! ^^


If you guys have any God of Study related pictures, entries, even fanart or fanvids, feel free to comment, tweet me @GodofStudy, or use the Submission form and I’ll feature them on the site! 😀


And speaking of features,

Saw this randomly over here:

Not sure how legit this is but pretty cool ^^

Yoo Seung Ho has clear and beautiful eyes

Nicknamed the “nation’s younger brother,” popular actor Yoo Seung Ho is recently becoming a hot topic for his bright and clear eyes.

Yoo Seung Ho is currently receiving praise for his portrayal of a rich heir named Kim Min Jae in new MBC drama Flames of Ambition. Fans who are enjoying the drama stated that they couldn’t help but notice Yoo Seung Ho’s charismatic eyes as they commented, “Once I see Yoo Seung Ho’s warm eyes I can’t take my eyes off of it” and “During a drama scene where Seo Woo attempted a surprise necktie kiss, Yoo Seung Ho 100% successfully depicted his mixed feelings through his eyes.”

Lasik and Lasek Eye Plus doctor Lee Yong Jae helped explain why the public is drawn to the actor’s eyes, as he explained, “Yoo Seung Ho’s clear eyes gives off the feeling of a bright transparent lake. There have been a lot of people in their 20s who have been wanting lasik and lasek procedures after the influence of Yoo Seung Ho’s beautiful eyes that are currently being compared to the animation character Atom because of its clearness.”

I think Yoo Seung Ho has the eyes and the looks to be envied upon. What do you guys think, does Yoo Seung Ho possess eyes that are worthy of being called “Atom eyes”?


Yoo Seung Ho for ‘BLACK is fuel for LOVE’ campaign

Celebrities are coming together under a great cause, as Guess Korea kicked off its ‘BLACK is fuel of LOVE’ campaign for Fall 2010.

“BLACK is fuel of LOVE’ is a charitable campaign aimed at providing clothing for the people in need. Yoo Seung Ho, Han Chae Young, Tony An, Bae Da Hae, Im Joo Hwan, Jung Ah Reum, and many others from various niches in the entertainment industry have signed up to model for the cause.

The model fee as well as profits from the sale will be sent to Yontan Bank. Donation boxes will also be placed in Guess stores nationwide so that everyone can participate and share the love in this winter.

Jiyeon: Hwang Jeong Eum Unnie is my rival

The hot topic that surrounds the next episode of T-ara Dot Com is the faceoff between T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hwang Jeong Eum.

On the episode that will be aired 14 April, Jiyeon made T-ara Dot Com’s reinforcement model Hwang Jeong Eum her rival. In this episode,T-ara will be preparing for the full operation of the website. Preparation of designs and also events for the website is done, especially the designs for Hwang Jeong Eum,who will be the special model for the website.

As a result, the designated model of T-ara Dot Com, Jiyeon worries that “Hwang Jeong Eum Unnie is my rival!” and “Is my position going to be snatched away?” resulting in her sending jealous eye signals during the photoshoot. Hwang Jeong Eum on the other hand, acted like a unnie and gave her hugs and created a warm atmosphere at the shooting location.

To add on, T-ara have prepared a surprise for the customers of T-ara Dot Com, by sending what they bought directly to their doorstep personally. Furthermore, they will chat with the customers and even did couple dance with them, completely showing great customer service.

The producers says that the members wanted to be like Hwang Jeong Eum, doing cute and pretty expressions on the streets and attract the attentions of all passer-bys. The interaction between T-ara and the customers during the personal delivery also shows us a different image of T-ara that we usually see onstage.

Lol. BTW, these two are costars in “Death Bell 2” ^^

Source: tiaradiadem,, copied from omonatheydidnt

Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) Day 1: Yoo Seung Ho at MVIO

Yoo Seung Ho wore a preppy chic checkered blazer (completed with a school badge)- totally smart-looking. If I have any thing to complain about his outfit, it will be his shoes; would very much prefer loafers or brogues to go along with this preppy look.


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