Yoo SeungHo

Hwang BaekHyun

(played by Yoo SeungHo)

Losing both of his parents, he grew in the hands of his grandmother. During is whole life, he had no goals in his life whatsoever, and he can be the hard and tough boy on the outside, but in the inside he is a grandson that loves his grandmother. And for his grandmother, he is willing to do anything.


Na HyunJung

(played by T-ara’s JiYeon)

The gum that is always stuck around BaekHyun. She ends up being in a sticky situation when she follows him into to special classroom. However, this doesn’t matter because she is always with him.

Lee HyunWoo

Hong ChanDoo

(played by Lee HyunWoo)

He never studied because he was too much in love with music and dancing. With members of his family all very smart and talented, he was always the young one that wasn’t worried about.

Lee ChanHo

Gil PulEp

(played by Go AhSung)

She lives with her mother who runs a small drinking shop. She faces problems from taking care of her mother, who is already dreaming of an unrealistic love. She works hard, but is sad when her grades don’t reflect her efforts.

Lee ChanHo

Oh BongGoo

(played by Lee ChanHo)

He is living peacefully with his family that owns a BBQ restaurant. He is always bright around the house, but when he goes out somewhere, he suddenly turns into a shy person that hardly gets even noticed around the school.